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Our School

Mountain View's Vision

Mountain View's diverse community members are all valued and supported in a collaborative environment.

Mountain View's Mission

Mountain View believes all learners can reach individual success through critical thinking and collaboration. Mustangs REACH for success with Respect, Effort, Attitude, Cooperation, and Honesty.

Mountain View Elementary School is located in the central region of Claremont and serves students in grades kindergarten through six following a traditional calendar. Our school serves a very culturally diverse population of 515 students, and this is just one of the things among many, that makes our school special. Mountain View Elementary School achieved a 2013 API of 874.

All of our teachers are highly qualified and very dedicated to reach each and every student, as they want all students to succeed and achieve at an advanced academic level.  Our classified staff is talented and willing to support the academic success of our students as well.  Students receive instruction not only in the core academic content areas, but also visit the library, computer lab, and receive lessons in music and art. 

Our students learn to be kind to others and this contributes to a safe and positive environment.  At Mountain View we are "Bucket Fillers" and we pride ourselves in working together as a community to be kind and show empathy to others.  Our partnership the last four years with the University of La Verne, Psychology Department, helped us to build a strong foundation in the area of anti-bullying and supporting our students with the needed skills to be a good friend. 

The Claremont Colleges provide classroom science tutors and homework support for our upper grade students.  The Claremont community works to support our schools in a variety of ways. Claremont Education Foundation made a donation to our school which allowed for every classroom to have a projector and a document camera, which contributed to a more engaging classroom environment which impacted students and teachers. Our parent community is very supportive, and is always to help when needed. 

 Mountain View Elementary is a special place, and we hope you and your child will grow together as you become a part of this wonderful school.