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How to enroll?

Individuals interested in enrolling their children in the Dual Language Immersion Program must complete this application in addition to the registration forms.
Once submitted, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment at Mountain View. At that time, your child will be assessed to determine his/her native language levels. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, a lottery is conducted to determine admission. Priority is given to those who reside in the Claremont Unified School District. Those living outside of the Claremont Unified School District will need to complete an “Out of District” enrollment transfer request. For more information, please contact our Student Services Department at 909-398-0609.

Dual Language Application

REgistration Forms

Dual Language Immersion Program

Dual Language Immersion Program

Mountain View will be opening a Dual Language Immersion program beginning with kindergarten for Fall of 2020 with a progression through third grade each following year. Dual Language Immersion is a unique educational program offered at Mountain View Elementary School that builds bilingualism and biliteracy in English and Spanish.  The Dual Language Immersion Program integrates native English speaking students and English learning Spanish speaking students in the same classroom. The teacher provides academic instruction through two languages (English and Spanish).

What is the instructional model?

Students in the dual immersion program are taught using the California State Standards in English and Spanish. Instruction is delivered in kindergarten in Spanish 50% of the day and in English 50% of the day. Classes consist of 50% English speaking students and 50% Spanish speaking students.

Language is the vehicle for instruction in immersion classrooms. A visitor would not find a class conjugating verbs or memorizing prepared "dialogues." Rather, one would see children using the language --speaking, reading, writing, adding, subtracting, experimenting, singing, --all in Spanish and English, under the guidance of a teacher, who has been specially trained to teach the language while using it.


Program Curriculum

English Language Arts

 Wonders, McGraw Hill

Spanish Language Arts

 Maravillas, McGraw Hill


 Go Math! Houghton Mifflin   Harcourt


 Mystery Science

Social Studies

 California Social Studies   Standards


What are the family commitments?

  • Understand and support the program design
  • Agree to complete the Dual Language Immersion Program at Mountain View from kindergarten through third grade.
  • Participate in school meetings and activities
  • Attendance is critical. Every day counts!

What are the benefits of dual immersion?

Research shows students will:

  • Speak fluently in two languages
  • Strengthen cognitive skills and attain high academic achievement in two languages
  • Be equipped with skills to succeed in a global economy
  • Foster cross-cultural competency
  • Gain a competitive edge for college scholarships and career opportunities
  • Enhance creativity and problem solving skills

What is the criteria for students to be in a dual language immersion program?

There is no specific criteria for students except parental choice. This program will be an available school choice program beginning February 3, 2020 by completing an application. The program looks for a balance of students from each language community (English and Spanish).

Dual Language Immersion Program Presentation
Dual Language Immersion Program Presentation